Emerging Designers

Emerging Designers: Sponsoring emerging designers is part of our multicultural mission here at FLY. We showcase various emerging designers throughout the year. Being that Florence is a fashion capital known for it's high quality manufacturing and textiles, we are always on the look out for up and coming, local talent. This season we are showcasing pieces from Marakita.

Nivule + Pesci Rossi

Novella and Tania, the two minds behind Nivule + Pesci Rossi, translates to ‘Clowds and Red Fishes’ started in 2009. Designing out of Piacenza, Italy they create universal pieces suitable for everyday wear. These two creative minded women use their unique lens to handcraft clean and playful collections. The eclectic and geometric style makes Nivule + Pesci Rossi one to remember. This eye catching collection combines fresh innocents, contemporary style and comfort with dash of vintage. Novella and Tania take pride in using high quality, natural and recycled fabrics. The two Italian designers use their sustainable minds to create easy fitting silhouettes with mainly cotton and wool. Nivule + Pesci Rossi carry a wide range of tops, dresses, skirts, pants and accessories. These pieces are not only handmade, but also made with love and great attention to detail. Make a different choice and shop handmade, local and sustainable fashion. 

Instagram: nivule_pescirossi

Facebook: Nivule + Pesci Rossi

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