The Denim Affair

Distressed. Overlooked. Cheated. Revamped. Worshipped.
Denim is an unfailing staple in our lives and in our closets; a non-judgmental symbol of equality and power. A fully-functional, gender-fluid material which has evolved from worker’s attire to an iconic and fashionable product.
Appreciate denim by joining us in a discussion revolving around this common yet precious textile, and shop new and iconic denim inventions.
Explore FLY’s gallery of vintage and emerging designers’ denim outfits, and attend “The Makers Lab” and “Rewind” denim reinvention sessions.
Enjoy a delicious aperitivo, as well as wine and dessert tastings, whilst you relax and mingle among denim-lovers just like you!

@6.30 pm Francesca Mocali and Samuel Falzone will host a talk about the iconic meaning of Denim in the history of Fashion.

@7 pm "The Makers Lab" (Rutendo Karikoga, Imani Batts and Malik Johnson) will reinvent Levi's 501 with distressing, feathers and painting techniques.

Throughout the night the talented Matteo of Rewind vintage selection will reinvent a denim jacket with a unique illustration in the front window of Fly.

All the reinvented products will be sold in the store starting from Wednesday November 14th at 12 pm.

DRESS CODE: Not sure what to wear? Don’t worry, just throw on your favorite denim item. It’s as simple as that!