Emerging Designers

Emerging Designers: Sponsoring emerging designers is part of our multicultural mission here at FLY. We showcase various emerging designers throughout the year. Being that Florence is a fashion capital known for it's high quality manufacturing and textiles, we are always on the look out for up and coming, local talent. This season we are showcasing pieces from Marakita.

A simple richness. Effortless Chic; Some of the words that can describe our current emerging designer Tiche Clothing. Created by Tijana Stankovic, a Florence based designer, she uses her city as her main source of inspiration. The city of Florence is a prominent aspect in her silhouettes as she plays with different shapes and detailing in design. She uses simple patterns to create a minimalistic & ethereal concept within her line. Created in Italy and with organic materials such as cotton & Linen, the cuts are clean, natural and supports sustainable practices. With the rising trend of sustainable fashion, Tiche aims to deliver products that steer clear of the damaging practices of fast fashion. From dresses, to shirts and skirts, these pieces make the ultimate look for the modern women. With these very functional, versatile and timeless pieces, every woman will fall in love with this brand.

Instagram: ticheclothing

Facebook: ticheclothing

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