Emerging Designers

Emerging Designers: Sponsoring emerging designers is part of our multicultural mission here at FLY. We showcase various emerging designers throughout the year. Being that Florence is a fashion capital known for it's high quality manufacturing and textiles, we are always on the look out for up and coming, local talent. This season we are showcasing pieces from Marakita.


Our current emerging designer is BE GIULS! Created in 2011 by Florentine designer Giuliana Becattini, the collection is styled around the concept of "easy formal.” Centered around her belief of "artistic tradition,” her collection conveys a worldview of fashion through generations. Giuliana creates each piece by hand with great care, using only natural fabrics derived from natural fibers. The line is fun, flirty, and colorful while still remaining sophisticated and contemporary. The BE GIULS collection offers women a way to style fashionable and unique pieces and mix them with their everyday wear. The Spring collection includes many colorful options from shirts, dresses, shorts and skirts, all with their own personal BE GIULS touches. Daisies, buttons, plaids, and other fashionable decorations adorn her creations. The high quality pieces are created in pink, purple, and orange pastels, along with classic whites. Among her collection is the key accessory of multicoloured headbands, which can also be worn as a choker to complete the perfect look. Her atelier is located at Via Romana 62/r, Firenze, where you can even stop in to have your very own customised pieces created. Giuliana's line is guaranteed to give you the authentic "Made in Italy" feeling, as well as a personalized touch of Florence to evoke the beauty and uniqueness of the contemporary woman.

Website: www.labitochevorrei.it
Facebook: @begiulsfirenze
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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