Emerging Designers

Emerging Designers: Sponsoring emerging designers is part of our multicultural mission here at FLY. We showcase various emerging designers throughout the year. Being that Florence is a fashion capital known for it's high quality manufacturing and textiles, we are always on the look out for up and coming, local talent. This season we are showcasing pieces from Marakita.


Our current emerging designer is Quartiere 3! Founded by two young artisans Stefano and Frederico from Quartiere Tre (the third borough of the city of Florence), the brand is focused on providing high quality, stylish and functional leather bags, that are truly "Made in Italy." All of their pieces are hand-made in Florence from top to bottom by Stefano himself, with leather from the tanneries of Santa Croce sull’Arno, an area renowned for its high-quality leather craftsmanship. Being completely handmade by the designer himself, each Quartiere 3 bag is one of a kind, with the passion of the artist engrained into every stitch. Coming in a very wide range of colours and silhouettes, Quartiere 3 has a bag for all tastes. Clients also have the option to have their pieces customized to their specific desires, making them even more unique. When asked about his inspirations for designing bags, Stefano answered, "What drives me is the dream of not becoming one of the numbers of a production chain or performing as a machine everyday of my life, but rather to create, from A to Z, all the objects that come to my mind. From designing, to patternmaking, cutting, assembling, and stitching, I put in each of these steps all the passion and care "I possibly can, so that I can make each object a perfect one that’s also unique."

Website: www.quartiere3.com
Facebook: @Quartiere3FlorenceHandmade
Instagram: @quartiere.3
Via di Rusciano, 6 - Florence

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