Look of the Week

Life cannot just be all work and no play. Coming from two different worlds, we’ll show you two ways to play after a long days work.

Helen is wearing a very versatile layered look that allows for her to work hard and play harder. Which saves her from having to go home and change and more time for enjoying whatever the night may bring. Helen begins her ensemble with a tailored golden top, followed by a bold tailored ankle length, Bohemian styled skirt. It can get a little cold these days once night falls, she warms up with a Burberry denim jacket. Just for a little bit more warmth, she adds a khaki colored Larochelle over coat. To finish this great look, Helen accessorised with vintage Gucci Loafers.

On the other side of the world. Kayla has had a full day of business and is ready for a night on the town and she is wearing the perfect outfit that will allow her to do so. Kayla’s polished white “Femininity Is..” T-shirt designed by emerging designer Alexander Zofcin “The House of AMZ,” allows her to have the flexibility she needs to relax during the day and at night. To compliment her white t-shirt, Kayla adds a vivacious, afrocentric, short belle skirt designed by Luloloko Atelier which gives her the pop of color she was looking for to make heads turn! To accessorise, Kayla adds a vintage black and gold Fontana Milano belt followed by black LoriBlue pointed toe pumps.

Even though they come from different worlds. Both women are ready for business and pleasure in this edition of Look of the Week!