Look of the Week

This week Fly Fashion is displaying a simplistic look that is also paired with boldness, creativity, and confidence. Our model successfully pulls off the " I want to feel comfortable-but also look trendy and fantastic" kind of look. 

I am sure you are all eager to know what she is wearing so let’s not delay this any longer! The first of products being worn is beautiful cream coloured vintage Kenneth Cole leather jacket. This jacket offers a lot of detail within the leather and texture.


Layered underneath the jacket is a Modo Design piece, which is part of Fly Fashion's new emerging designers’ collection. 


The clutch being used is for convenience and fashion. This is also a piece from Modo Design and offers a sense of "togetherness" in this outfit.  


The velvet strikes again! These golden coloured high waisted pants made in Florence by designer Lucia Ferdinandi are so eye catching and desirable. They really pop from the neutral look that is on the top half. 


Last but not least, shoes...shoes... shoes, omg SHOES. These vintage Chie Mihara shoes were made in Spain and there is no doubt they bring a confident and alluring final touch to this look of the week. 

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